Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol abuse is one of the ways in which many people fall into alcohol abuse as a consequence of experiencing some trauma in their lives. The loss of a loved one, the failure of a business or a family problem may be the reason for someone not being able to deal well with what affected their mental and emotional stability.

Easy access to this substance means that people can quickly become addicted. It can all start with a night of drinking at a meeting that culminates in a violent binge and having the feeling of relief or forgetting the problem that afflicts, the person may find a “solution” to their problem, when in fact they are falling into a trap that can lead to dangerous outcomes for their physical integrity.

Risks of consuming alcohol

Alcohol consumption may be considered safe and fun, but excessive consumption can have consequences.

At Bewell Recovery we consider these to be some of the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction:

– Traffic fatalities.

– Domestic violence and sexual assault.

– Unwanted pregnancies.

– Sudden mood swings.

– Development of disorders such as paranoia, panic attacks and anxiety.

– Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

– Sudden infant death syndrome.

Liver disease, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

– Cancer of the digestive system.

– The spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Benefits of rehab

Rehabilitation is the best option and decision that a person who has been addicted to alcohol has been able to make. In addition to seeking to heal and get rid of any vice that has mistreated their body and degraded their physical appearance, they will be giving themselves a second chance in their life to rebuild it and start over.

Most people who have been admitted to an addiction treatment center attest that they managed to move forward and see an improvement in their lives. Redesigning their habits and customs, improving their interpersonal relationships, discovering some virtue or skill, overcoming traumas that led them to become addicted or being part of their community again are some of the many benefits that rehabilitation offers.

A rehabilitated person is someone who has found his or her true self again. It is someone who has dared to change and improve. Rehabilitation can be a complex path, but it is the best one.

However, clinical rehabilitation is the best way to achieve detoxification without facing so many adverse effects. There is a misconception that abstinence by shock or the sudden and definitive cessation of substance use can work without generating collateral damage in a former substance or drug user.

An abstinence process without medical assistance can cause damage such as tension problems, dizziness, severe headaches or even death. This happens because the body, specifically the central nervous system, is subjected to an abrupt change. Generally, clinical treatments involve the intake of medications that lead to a better coping with the withdrawal treatment. Adverse reactions may occur at the beginning but not as serious as doing it voluntarily and without specialized help.

At BeWell Recovery, we are ready to be the place where you or your addicted family member can get your life back on track and find a new dawn. We are one of the best treatment centers in Los Angeles specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, among others. Call us at 866-317-8395 or contact us through our email

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

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