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Addiction to alcohol is progressive condition and can ruin your relationships, mental and physical health, as well as career. Fortunately, we can help. When treating an alcohol use disorder, top California alcohol rehabs often merge a holistic treatment approach with science-based addiction treatment therapies to maximize the chances of a successful recovery.

At Clear Life Recovery, we’re a luxury rehab that uses holistic, evidence-based treatment protocols that focus on your body, soul, and mind. Our experts tailor care plans aimed at restoring balance and wellness to your spirit, mind, and body. This approach helps you face and overcome challenges, crucial in your long-term recovery.

How Our Form of Treatment is Best for Treating Alcohol Addiction

If you have an alcohol addiction, reaching out for help can be quite hard. However, the benefits are life-changing. When it comes to alcohol and drug rehabilitation, we use two methods that work alongside each other to enable you to stay sober for good:

Holistic Treatment

This approach treats the mind, soul, and body. Alcohol addiction causes physical, spiritual, and emotional damage. Our holistic treatment involves different techniques such as fitness therapy, outdoor therapy, meditation, music, art, meditation, and nutrition therapy designed to reverse the damage caused by alcohol abuse. These techniques also promote relaxation and improve cognitive function. As one of the unbeaten alcohol and drug treatment centers, we also treat co-occurring and alcohol use disorders simultaneously if you have a dual diagnosis.

We know that nutrition and rest are vital. Yet, alcohol abuse can make you feel mentally and physically exhausted as well as cause malnutrition. At Clear Life Recovery, we offer nutritious meals, comfortable accommodations, and a relaxing environment as part of our holistic approach. Additionally, we’ll teach you the practical benefits of holistic treatment. Everything you learn in rehab will be vital in staying sober even after you’re done with our programs and return to your normal responsibilities and activities.

Evidence-Based Therapies

These are therapies that, after extensive research, have been shown to be effective in treating alcohol use disorder. At Clear Life Recovery, we offer a range of therapies in our treatment programs to assist you in identifying and changing negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

Using this approach, you’ll learn why you use alcohol. You’ll also be taught skills to help you manage the triggers that support your drinking.

Some of the evidence-based principles of our alcohol rehab are:

  • Alleviating anxiety and depression through physical activity
  • Encouraging mental wellness as you attain physical wellness

Once you’ve completed our inpatient residential program, you can continue your recovery journey by enrolling in our PHP or IOP programs, depending on your specific needs and goals. We also offer sober living aftercare that helps you transition smoothly into your community.

Ready to Get Professional Addiction Help?

At Clear Life Recovery, we’re committed to helping you win the battle against addiction. We take a personalized approach to addiction treatment. Among the things we consider in creating your highly individualized treatment plan are your life experiences and co-occurring disorders. As a leading California alcohol rehab, our credentialed and extensively skilled addiction treatment specialists utilize a combination of therapies to attain the best possible outcomes in your recovery. Contact us to verify insurance and receive treatment:

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