Sound Therapy

Sound therapy uses soothing music and harmonic vibrations to relax the nervous system to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance emotion and mental well-being.

The Z.5 Experience is a vibroacoustic sound therapy bed designed to down-regulate the nervous system, switch off fight or flight, and achieve a calm, peaceful state of being. The Z.5 is equipped with a total of six, top-of-the-line, tactile transducers which generate harmonic frequencies felt as soothing vibrations when lying on the bed. The Z.5 creates an incredibly unique and immersive experience specifically designed to deliver harmonic frequencies to every cell in the body with the intention of soothing and transmuting the stress corrupting the cellular matrix. The science of cymatics, sound or frequency visualized through matter, is what makes the Z.5 fundamentally achieve incredible results with regard to relaxing not only the nervous system but also releasing trapped emotions, trauma, and stress from anywhere in the body. These harmonic frequencies alter the geometry of all the water molecules and other fluids in the body into a state of sacred symmetry, balance, and elegance. The Z.5 is built in an adjustable zero gravity formation to allow for an exceptionally comfortable position to accommodate any user and to allow a more immersive feel, thus a far more enjoyable somatic experience. It is coupled with studio grade isolation headphones with an ever-expanding library of different tracks to choose from to assist in any type of emotional stress, trauma, or even pain. The combination of relaxing music and harmonic vibrations allows the individual to receive deep nourishment for the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body.


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