Every mind has luminous wonders, waiting to be explored.
Dive deep into yours, and let VIZR® be your guide.


Elevate Mood


Better Sleep


Train Your Brian


Elevate Mood: Each session is built upon neurological light/sound signaling that has the ability to generate “probability states”. These experiences will cause a short term and temporary mind state such as peace, creativity, concentration, etc.

Better Sleep: The Better Sleep sessions work to harmonize your Circadian Cycle and normalize sleep patterns. The Morning sessions lock in the first light Circadian response to first light to start your day off right. Afternoon sessions help dissipate the buildup of stress that can hijack your sleep rhythms. And Evening sessions will act to coax and induce sleep.

Train Your Brain: The Brain Organizer section of the Brain Gym is crafted with leading-edge neurological research that explores the frequency characteristics of the main neural networks of our brain. Each network performs certain specific general functions. Each network also has a certain specific Harmonic Frequency. The aim of the Brain Organizer sessions is to reinforce healthy functioning in the target brain network.

Learn more about what the reseachers have to say: CLICK HERE

Why it Works?


Brain Engagement works by leveraging the brain’s natural ability to synchronize with external rhythms and respond to sensory stimuli.

When exposed to flickering light and rhythmic sounds, the brain tends to align its own neural activity with these patterns.


VIZR™️ sessions encourages the brain to explore new neural pathways and promotes neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to adapt and learn.

It’s like a brain massage fostering creativity, relaxation and mindfulness.


Based on a phenomena discovered in the late 1930s and coined as “Frequency Following Response”.

Evolved over 80 years into Brain Engagement technology, choreographed to influence the brain toward positive change. 

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