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Heather Lambert is one of our top practitioners at Just Hope, dedicated to transforming lives through healing and inspiration. With a profound commitment to empowering clients to triumph over their diseases and ailments, Heather has become a beacon of hope in our community.

Heather holds certifications in various therapeutic modalities, including Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy, Emotional Code Therapy, Body Code Therapy, and Certified Sound Healing. She specializes in identifying aggressors that cause inflammation and acidity in both people and animals, utilizing the polysynaptic muscular response technique. Heather firmly believes in addressing the root cause of illnesses, employing a diverse range of techniques and spiritual gifts. Her expertise extends to understanding the profound impact of emotions and thoughts on the human body. She employs sound frequencies to remove energy blockages from the body and applies magnets, exclusively using north polarity, to promote overall wellness. Heather upholds the highest standards of energetic hygiene and safety, ensuring the well-being of her clients.

Heather’s journey into biomagnetic therapy was born out of a decade-long battle with chronic illness. Faced with the exhaustion of having her time and joy stolen, she made the courageous decision to reclaim her life. Her personal odyssey became a profound exploration of spiritual, holistic, and biomagnetic healing. Heather firmly believes in the holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul. Guided by her faith, she embarked on a transformative path of deep spiritual and physical healing.

Gratitude permeates Heather’s being as she looks at life with a newfound perspective. Her passion lies in extending her healing touch to both people and animals, driven by a deep sense of purpose. She embraces the refining process she underwent, recognizing that amidst challenges, there is an opportunity to discover the inherent goodness. Heather firmly believes that God orchestrates all things for good, and it is our responsibility to uncover the positive amidst life’s trials. Through her dedication, expertise, and unwavering faith. Heather Lambert continues to make a lasting impact on the lives she touches, illuminating the path to healing and wholeness.


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Ellen H - Ventua, CA

 I’m so grateful for Just Hope and the healing I have received there. Heather has helped me release so much trauma and trapped emotions over the past year. She has a gift and is powered by the Holy Spirit. Her care and concern for her clients is genuine. Understanding how our intricate bodies can heal in the right setting with the right people has changed my life forever. Thank you Heather 🫶 

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Shay L - Camarillo, CA

Heather, you have such a strong spiritual gift that the Lord has clearly given you and I’m so happy you’re using it the way he intended it. I’ve never felt so light and “free” if that’s the right word. Thank you for being my sister in Christ and delivering me from strongholds that have been weighing me down. I love you and I admire you so much! I feel so safe with you and just adore you! Shay Lambert



Brandi M - Florida

Heather Lambert, I just wanted to say thank you so much for using the gift that you have been given. Pouring into others even before they show up and being obedient to who you were created to be was evident the moment you greeted me. You know when you can see gifts in other people and they don’t see it? Then there are others who may see their gift but don’t know how to step into it or they are reluctant/afraid of it. You thankfully are not shying away from helping those who are sent to you. Looking back at our time, I see now that it was not just a feeling, but an instant trust that didn’t need to be earned. Heather, you are genuine, you are attentive, you are safe, you are open despite the vulnerable place you must operate from to help your others. The ease with which I could be authentic still remains immeasurable even weeks after having been on your table for the first time. I continue to feel the aftershock if you will. The movement that began was definitely physically and emotionally evident in the immediate. However, the stirring, the breaking off, the splintering continues to show me things that I may have taken far longer to arrive at on my own. I’m not certain this is clear and I cannot quite articulate it fully. I just knew that something had to be shared outside of myself. During my quiet time every single day, I praise my Father daily and choose gratitude as my focus meditation and you are in many of those thoughts. My prayer when you come to mind is that you feel the love, hope, joy, rest, recovery, self-love and peace that you allow God to use through your gifting for His glory!! Thank you, Heather, for choosing obedience, self-care and wisdom to share your gifts with those who seek to be a better human!

Blessings to you and to the Just Hope Family 

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Christina - Thousand Oaks, CA

It’s hard to express the impact Heather has made on our family. She has treated every member of my family (as well as several friends) and we have all benefited greatly from her treatments. My younger son is on the spectrum and we have seen the most incredible changes in him since Heather began treating him. His temperament as well as his communication abilities and performance in school have improved dramatically. But most importantly, there is joy in him now that we had not seen before. The difference has been nothing short of miraculous. For myself, she has helped with a variety of issues from heart palpitations to sleeping problems. The list of ways she has helped my health is far too long to include here. It never ceases to amaze me to find out what Heather can treat! But even more amazing is the beautiful servant’s heart she has. Her warmth and kindness make it evident that this is truly her calling. Heather has been a huge blessing to our family and we will be forever grateful that God placed her in our lives.

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Caylee M. - Thousand Oaks, CA

Before seeing Heather almost a year ago, I had never even heard of the healing she offers. The work she does has completely transformed my life for the better. My first treatment was for deep emotional healing as I was walking through the most painful and heartbreaking time in my life. We then moved to physical healing of my body. Some of the results happen immediately and you can feel from head to toe all that your body went through to release. For me personally, I didn’t even realize parts of me had been healed or changed until I was up against a familiar hardship and handled it in a completely different way. It almost took me by surprise to look back and see how I was able to take control of my chronic procrastination, let go of fear, release bitterness, sorrow etc. I have experienced far more than just physical and emotional healing. Through our work together I have been able to find my own passion for this work and pursue it without being held back by crippling fear of the unknown. I recommend Heather to every person I know and have multiple family members now experiencing the same incredible experience. She brings the most calm, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere to her workspace and you can feel God’s power all around! You will not find a more loving and compassionate person than her!


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Lisa A. - Texa

Heather is amazing!! From the moment I stepped inside the door to meet her, I felt completely at home. She is so incredibly gifted by God to be a safe place, to encourage, and to be aware of what needs to be targeted both for the body and the soul so that you can heal. I had amazing breakthroughs in so many ways under her care. In a short period of time, I was able to release emotions that had been stored for years in my body’s tissues so that I could get freedom from a serious health issue I’d been working on. I also saw breakthrough in getting rid of stubborn pathogens I’d been previously struggling to eliminate. Heather has been a huge catalyst to my body experiencing greater measures of health. She is a true gem!! Lisa Archer

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Faline - Simi Valley

On Wednesday November 15th I had an appointment with Heather Lambert at Just Hope. From the moment I walked in I felt hope for what I knew the Lord would do through Heathers gifts of seeing, healing, prophecy and her knowledge of holistic therapy. I shared with Heather my concerns for my health due to a severe spinal cord injury that happened 5 years prior that had left me temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. And although I regained mobility, this injury had left me in constant pain , tingling and numbness , especially with my right arm. Our session consisted of spiritual ministry (targeting the trauma that the body kept within itself causing sickness within) . Heather also did magnetic therapy. I had never had this therapy done but as she explained what the therapy was and it’s effects on the body for relief and healing, I was all in! For  the first time in five years I felt hopeful to be relieved of constant pain and my treatment with her did not disappoint . After my two hour session I felt not only light in my body but I felt like my body came alive. I know to many that may sound strange but for me who only felt as if so much of my body for so long had experienced death in muscles, tissues and nerves I felt alive. I have been able to use what I always called a lifeless arm much more without pain and feel stronger in my body than I have in years! If you need hope, encouragement and freedom from chronic pain give Just Hope a call and book a session with Heather. She will move in the gifts God has given her and you will leave with hope and healing for your body.

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Kayla - Malibu

 Heather has an incredible gift from God. Her compassion and love for her patients extend into her work and you can literally feel strongholds lifting and dis-ease healing. Every time I leave a session with Heather I feel lighter, more joyful and like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and the best part is that feeling isn’t temporary. I have felt my tolerance for the highs or lows of life become SO much stronger and feel so much more confident facing them. I went to Heather when I had kidney stones and was in excruciating pain. After my session with her, she broke up the kidney stone and I was pain free! Within a week, I was completely free of kidney stones! Heather is a miracle worker and my family and I love and cherish her. She is now not only our healer but also our dear friend. We love you Heather! ~ Kayla Celikel



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