Justin Ballard is a scientist, inventor, technology expert, and a well-known public speaker on frequency healing, water science, and human genetics. He formerly worked for Fortune 500 companies creating platforms for nationwide analytics. He has invented algorithms involving speech patterns and obtained a U.S. technology patent for work on human vision abnormalities. However, when you meet Justin, you will see that the brilliance of his mind is shadowed by the grandeur of his heart. It is from this place of love and genuine care for humanity (what he calls all his brothers and sisters on the planet) that inspires and fuels his profoundly powerful work.

In 2013, Justin experienced first hand the efficacy of his healing work when he experienced a life- threatening illness that left the country’s top physicians puzzled into both the cause and any viable treatment. Through the application of his own discoveries and creations in advanced quantum science and ancient healing techniques, he was able to completely recover without any trace of symptoms. Having experienced the impossible himself, Justin became inspired to learn, create, and refine techniques and technology that can impart this experience to others. “The narrow lens of Newtonian physics is falling away, and it is vital we educate people into the true nature of what is possible in their lives and health….This is not esoteric, but mathematically proven in the science and nature.” Through his diverse personal and professional background there is a common theme in his ability to not only recognize patterns, but understand the meaning of them in a way that can help humanity in profound ways. “I see both patterns and programs. Through understanding how systems organize and function, I was able to both help them function better as well as disable dysfunctional operating systems. I see the human body through this lens as well. All health and disease is rooted in programs, from DNA; beliefs; to ways the body tries to compensate for toxins; & injury and infection. When we understand on a cellular level the dysfunctional program, we can implement a new program to override the current one.  I also see this on a planetary level as well. I see how the frequencies of our technology are interfering with our biology and I see the solution in how to protect ourselves from this.  I see how water can be programed to better serve our needs, and I see how energy grids can be developed to support our nervous systems rather than disrupt them.”

 “Our quantum machines can see and disrupt these programs in increasingly accurate ways, and offer up a new program in real time. Yes, healing still requires work from the individual, but the time and suffering involved, I believe, can be greatly reduced when we tap into the energy that is available to everyone, however because of our programing, we have not been able to access it in real and meaningful ways. So it is with great excitement that I have found technologies and techniques that can get into even the most resistant of areas and open a gateway for the innate state of well being we all hold to enter back in.”

 “I am both inspired to share my work globally with large science concepts and applications, as well as create a space for individuals to come that can help align and support their health and wellness. I do not propose to cure or treat anything, but simply want to share the science of what can support our health and well-being. There is so much we know, so much other areas of the world are doing, and I am committed to bringing forth any knowledge and applications that can help people live with less suffering, and greater joy. “  

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Technology Expert


Well-known Frequency Healer


Knowledgable in Water Science


Expert in Human Genetics


Works with Human Vision Abnormalities


Gifted in Intercessory Prayer

Patty J

Patti J - Westlake Village, CA

Caring, compassionate, well informed, and dedicated professionals are the words that come to mind when I think of each staff member at Just Hope Wellness Center. From the moment you walk in the door you are met with warmth and kindness. I started adjunct treatment there, to support my healing from a medical diagnosis. I met with Justin Ballard for a full assessment, and he provided me with treatment recommendations, resources, and information that were invaluable in my healing. I met with a variety of wellness practitioners for treatment, each one kind, welcoming and skilled in the application of their treatment modality. One of the most beneficial experiences was founded in the belief that I could and would get well. The overwhelming positivity of this belief is such a curative factor reducing anxiety and fear. I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, and I know the role that thoughts and emotions play in one’s well-being and health. Just Hope does transform ideas about what is possible, changing beliefs that enhance healing. I have recommended many of my clients to make appointments at Just Hope and each has reported an overwhelming positive and helpful experience there. Just Hope is a cutting edge, transformative, wellness center that has radically transformed my healing and wellbeing.

Dr. Patti Johnson

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

MIke M

Mike M - Ventura, CA

In January of 2022, I went to see my doctor because of weakness and abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. After being treated for a little over a year, and hospitalized off and on for a total of three months, my illness progressed until it became terminal, I was told that I was going to die. They gave me about fifteen different pills to possibly prolong the inevitable, and morphine to help ease the pain. My daughter did some research into the alternative treatments. She came to find through a friend Just Hope in Westlake Village, California. Just Hope offered me life and a full recovery through a holistic approach. After several weeks of treatments, all my latest scans show that I am free of the illness! Now I can concentrate on rebuilding my strength after being primarily bedridden and in a wheelchair for over a year. I would like to add that I am so grateful that my daughter found Just Hope. I thank Justin and the entire team for their diligent care. I experienced so much love with many prayers. Everyone was very knowledgable, caring, and extremely generous with their time.

Michael Mueller



Jasmine T - Agoura Hills, CA

We are very grateful and satisfied with the entire staff at Just Hope Wellness Center in Westlake Village, CA.
The atmosphere is cordial and relaxed. Staff is friendly, kind and compassionate and always listened attentively to our needs.
Our daughter Jasmine was born with many physical and mental challenges.
The treatment she received at Just Hope Wellness Center saved a vital organ.
We thought surgery was the only option.
That was not our case!
By the Grace of God and the treatment Jasmine received improved her quality of life and saved her organ.
There are different forms of healing, if you are not afraid to close old books and open new minds and find yourself in search for an alternative, then
I highly recommend JUST HOPE Wellness Center!

Rose Terry

Just Hope


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