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Tabitha Zavala is one of our top practitioners at Just Hope, dedicated to holistic medicine and alternative ways to overcome illness. She continues to educate the people and community around her to find the best pathway to healing.  

Tabitha Zavala is a certified Vitalist of Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy. Her pursuit of holistic healing began when she had her first son in 2013, and she started using natural remedies for colds and illnesses. Experiencing how effective they were, she began her path of using food as medicine, and started using alternative medicine and holistic healthcare instead of mainstream methods. In 2020 Tabitha got hit with an unexpected health challenge and was suffering with multiple chronic illnesses that were debilitating. Traditional methods were not providing results so she decided to explore another way to get her health back on track. The first step was extensive prayer, using the Bible as guidance.  The next step was extensive and consistent research. This research led her to Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy. She traveled to Florida to seek treatment, since the Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy treatments were not available in California. The treatments began to reduce her painful symptoms, and she was showing signs of improvement and could finally resume normal activities again. Tabitha then decided she wanted to take what she had learned, and use the knowledge and experience to help others who were suffering.  She decided to bring this incredible modality to California, and began the necessary training.  She received her certification in all four tiers in Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy. Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy is a holistic therapy that uses the north polarity of high gauze magnets. The science behind this is very simple – using this magnetic field, we adjust the electrical condition of the problem area in the body. This brings the body’s pH to healthy levels unique to your body. This is different than many other natural remedies, as it finds the root cause of your symptoms instead of just treating them. Tabitha believes that the trinity to health is mind, body, spirit and works on all three levels to attain optimal health in all her clients. She is very excited to offer Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy to Southern California, and her mission is for people to feel complete and whole – just how God intended.


BioMagnetic Adjustment Therapy


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Kendra - Nevada

I traveled from out of state to see Tabitha at Just Hope wellness center for two sessions of biomagnetic adjustment therapy. My goal was to remove metals / toxins from my body. It was a new therapy I was trying, so I didn’t have any expectations. After two days, I got back home and felt fully relaxed. Two weeks went by and that’s when I realized this modality CHANGED MY LIFE 🤍 You see, I have been living in flight-or-fight mode since 2018, due to six massive traumatizing life events that all happened in three short years. I was functioning on anxious energy fueled by adrenaline, cortisol, no sleep, and constant emotional pain and stress that felt like a ball waiting to burst out of my chest. My body was so used to living in this survival mode that it wasn’t even my main purpose for seeing Tabitha… so you can imagine my surprise when I realized her therapy sessions not only removed metals from my body, but also removed the anxious ball of cortisol that I was waking up with every morning since 2018. Wow! Thank you, Tabitha! You are a blessing in my life ✝️ 


Maria G - Venice, CA

Justin had been warmly recommended to me by my dear friend Meg. Meg suggested that I try “Just Hope” since I had suffered poor health for several years. I contracted a pneumonia in May 2016 just before my retirement.  It took me two months and half to get over the pneumonia and I was left with chronic fatigue, brain fog, stomach and respiratory problems that western medicine had not been able to heal.  Justin gave me a brain scan using lights on a device resembling ear phones. On a computer screen I could see the part of my brain that was being scanned and the organs related to that area. All the past and present issues related to my health were listed.  I was blown away by the accuracy of what I was shown. The virus was lodged deep down in my lungs and I finally could understand the cause of the 2016 pneumonia and its consequences that six years later were still affecting the quality of my life. Justin suggested that I try “Magnet Therapy” and use several of the machines that are at the center. There are two gifted therapists at the center, Tabitha and Heather.   Tabitha Zavala started working on me using magnet therapy and now she is using the equiscope,  a machine that through mild energy frequencies cleans the energy channels of the body. A year later I have more energy,  my mind is sharper, I breathe better and my digestion is improved. I find more joy and pleasure in everyday life. I am very grateful to Justin, Tabitha, Heather and also to Peggy, Tristan and Heather (another Heather!) who make sure everyone is well attended and taken care of.  The name of this place says it all…. Just Hope is the place to go after you have tried everything else and nothing really solved your health issues. 

I enthusiastically recommend Just Hope.

Maria Giribaldi


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