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Tristan Terry-Burciaga is our top technician at Just Hope. He is knowledgeable in all the modalities at our center. If you have questions about how modalities or treatments work, Tristan is your guy.

Tristan is a dedicated practitioner with a passion for improving the well-being of himself and others. He has grown up alongside close family members with many different complex health complications. Exposed to many hospital visits with family, Tristan has acquired an abundance of knowledge and experience during his upbringing. He has a passion for attaining knowledge on health through reading, learning, and self experimentation. With over two years of experience at Just Hope Healing Center, Tristan has honed his expertise in various holistic modalities while under the apprenticeship of Justin Earl Ballard. Tristan is trained and certified in multiple technologies, modalities, and practices here at Just Hope. He possesses a deep understanding of the science behind the technology and practices and is committed to helping individuals on their journey to feeling their best. Tristan’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach makes him an easy going, comprehensible, and grounded individual to work with here at Just Hope Healing Center.

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