Qeet Protection

“Harmonizing, not blocking, over 70% of harmful radiation that affects our bodies, QEET surpasses all other EMF protection on the market.”
– DR. Lee Cowden

What is Polarity?

Polarity is the essential electromagnetic field crucial for health, holding a slightly negative charge. Disruptions in this field can impact overall well-being.

QEET’s Solution:

The QEET bracelet restores the negative charge to your polarity field, utilizing specfic frequencies infused into the bracelet for balanced energy flow andprotection against EMF’s.

QEET stands as the pinnacle of defense against harmful radiation!


Benefits of QEET

  • EMF Protection
  • Reversing Adrenal Faitgue
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Brain Function
  • Optimized Organ and Blood Health
  • Grounding Energy Connection
  • Lined With Pleated Tourmaline

Justin Ballard is a scientist, inventor, technology expert, and a well-known public speaker on frequency healing, water science, and human genetics. He formerly worked for Fortune 500 companies creating platforms for nationwide analytics. He has invented algorithms involving speech patterns and obtained a U.S. technology patent for work on human vision abnormalities.

In 2013, Justin experienced first-hand the efficacy of his healing work when he experienced a life-threatening illness that left the country’s top physicians puzzled, both in cause and any viable treatment options. Through the application of his own discoveries and creations in advanced quantum science, as well as ancient healing techniques, he was able to completely recover without any trace of lingering symptoms!  Having successfully beat the odds himself, Justin was further inspired to learn, create, and refine techniques and technology that can impart this experience to others.

In addition to his ability to vet and find superior technology that assists in healing and health he continues to create and evolve technology with his own inventions.

The QEET (Quantum Energy Exchange Technology) was birthed out of his own personal need to protect and harmonize his own filed amidst the assault of geopathic stress, EMFs and other harmful energy that disturbs the foundation of our health.

With the help of Brian Anderson the inventor of the Trivortex Justin was able to break through past limitations of radionics to create QEET a multi-layered frequency harmonizing wearable. The addition of black tourmaline stones which have innate piezo/pyro electric properties allow the frequencies to harmonize the distortions in harmful energy sources.  In this first version of the bracelet, he has used a propriety group of frequencies that also boost the immune system, and work to restore optimal mitochondrial and adrenal dysfunction.

What makes QEET technology unique from other EMF protection is that it is not blocking the frequency but rather transmuting it into a harmless energy, while also emitting other protective frequencies encoded in the bracelet. 

Just Hope


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