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Pathogen Cleanse

A meticulously designed package aimed at combating pathogens effectively. Harness the therapeutic potential of cutting-edge modalities, each utilized once per week more…

Body Pain Relief

Pain Relief

The Electro-Equiscope® is a revolutionary electro-therapy that utilizes Intelligent Bioenergetics Microcurrent (I.B.M.) to offer rapid pain relief and inflammation reduction in short more….

boost immune system

Immune Boost

Discover a unique and powerful approach to strengthening your immune system with our Immune Boost Modality Package. Our carefully curated selection of modalities is designed more….


Serious Illnesses

Introducing our “Serious Illness Package” – a meticulously crafted wellness journey designed to empower individuals facing health challenges with a comprehensive and tailored approach. More….

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Embark on a journey to rejuvenation and holistic well-being with our meticulously crafted Anti-Aging Wellness Enhancement Package. This transformative collection of cutting-edge more….


Stress Relief

An oasis crafted to alleviate stress and restore your inner balance. Immerse yourself in a harmonious trio of modalities designed to melt away tension, promote relaxation more….

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Sleep Enhancement

A curated experience designed to promote deep, rejuvenating sleep and bring tranquility to your bedtime routine. Immerse yourself in a trio of modalities tailored to usher you into a serene realm more….

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Each session brings forth vibrant visuals and structures, tailor-made by the most personal designer – your brain. Experience visions as unique as the Northern Lights. Your brain is the canvas, and every neuron an artist. More….

The Power of Healing Starts with Prayer!

 “I am both inspired to share my work globally with large science concepts and applications, as well as create a space for individuals to come that can help align and support their health and wellness. I do not propose to cure or treat anything, but simply want to share the science of what can support our health and well-being. There is so much we know, so much other areas of the world are doing, and I am committed to bringing forth any knowledge and applications that can help people live with less suffering, and greater joy. “   – Justin Earl Ballard


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