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Discover a unique and powerful approach to strengthening your immune system with our Immune Boost Modality Package. Our carefully curated selection of modalities is designed to prioritize and enhance your body’s defense mechanisms, providing you with the ultimate support for wellness. 

The Z.5 Experience sets the foundation for this package, offering a simple and effective way to enhance overall well-being while promoting relaxation and mindfulness. By re-patterning and balancing your parasympathetic nervous system, it creates an ideal environment for your body to enter a relaxed state, where natural healing thrives. Healthy immunity  takes place when you are in a relaxed state, making this modality the perfect starting point.

The Amp Coil takes your well-being to the next level by delivering cleansing and balancing frequencies through a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). The Amp Coil has specific programs to enhance the immune system through PEMF, allowing the body to progressively upgrade itself over time. The Amp Coil is equipped with bioresonance and entrainment capabilities that work in harmony with your body to target immunity cells, hormone regulation, inflammation reduction, enhanced microcirculation, increased cellular energy, and improved microbiome health.

Our CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning) operates by utilizing fluctuating air pressure to boost your cardiovascular fitness, increase the oxygen-carrying capacity in your blood, and reduce muscle lactic acid build-up. It not only enhances your overall health but also supports your immune system by stimulating your body’s natural antioxidant mechanisms, thereby reducing oxidative stress. It has also shown to boost NK (natural killer) cells in the body which is excellent for overall immunity and waste disposal!

To complete our package, we introduce the Beam Ray Rife machine. It uses light as a delivery system for specific frequencies to target a wide range of pathogens and ailments. These frequencies target specific organisms, areas, or systems of the body that are inhibiting optimal immune function. By eliminating taxing microorganisms and enhancing other biological functions, the immune system will receive the help it needs to fight off viruses, bacteria, and parasites and maintain homeostasis.

Our Immune Boost Modality Package is meticulously tailored to prioritize your immune health as a whole. Whether you are seeking immune support, enhanced overall well-being, or a proactive approach to staying healthy, this package has been thoughtfully designed to fortify your body and empower your immune system.

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